Infolathe, LLC

Turning Data into Answers

Infolathe, LLC is an economic consulting company focused on Labor and Employment matters.

We know the most important decisions an organization makes are as an employer. These actions impact its people, are foundational to business, and are subject to intense scrutiny from legislators and regulators.

We specialize in studying these decisions and measuring their impact.

Practice Areas/Specialties

Bias & Discrimination

Internal Auditing

More organizations than ever are studying their employment practices as part of legal risk assessment or benchmarking the progress of Diversity, Equity, and Initiative goals. We offer valuable data-driven insights into matters of equity and representation at all levels of an organization's workforce.

Regulatory Audits

Many employers are subject to audits and investigations regulatory agencies (e.g., Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) and the Office of Federal Contract Compliance Programs (OFCCP)). We are experienced in conducting independent review and analyses at the focus of these investigations.


If disputes do arise, we offer objective analysis based on rigorous and court-tested statistical methods and data practices. We have experience studying these matters at all stages of litigation: from class certification to damages calculations and settlement agreements.

Wage & Hour

We work with attorneys to estimate damages associated with various wage & hour violations, including

  • under/unpaid overtime,
  • missed meal and rest break,
  • employee misclassification,
  • work off-the-clock, and
  • rounding errors.
We have experience working on these matters under state and federal jurisdictions.

These services are available on a consulting or contract basis, and we are ready to provide written declarations, expert testimony and reports!


Eric C. Vento is a labor economist and expert consultant.

He has extensive experience analyzing proprietary and public data to identify bias and estimate disparate impacts from employer decisions such as compensation, hiring, promotions, merit increases, and terminations. In recent years, he has worked on many equity studies to help employers set and meet their pay equity, diversity, and inclusion goals. Additionally, he has worked on many EEOC audits, OFCCP audits, and Affirmative Action plans.

Eric also has considerable experience studying wage & hour matters including meal/rest violations, rounding rules, employee misclassification, and overtime claims. He is often called upon to estimate exposure related to these issues under state and federal jurisdictions.

He has worked with myriad formats of electronically stored HRIS, payroll, timekeeping, performance, and applicant flow data. He also has experience querying publicly available data e.g. the American Community Survey, the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, and the Federal Reserve Bank.

Before establishing Infolathe, LLC, Eric worked for prestigious firms including Charles River Associates, Economists Incorporated, and Welch Consulting. He holds a master's degree in applied economics and a bachelor's degree in economics and philosophy from Florida State University.


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